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There's a good chance you have a "love-hate" relationship with technology—or even just a "hate" relationship. Our approach will help you achieve a more amiable middle ground. Although we are not trained therapists, many of our clients have told us that Argus Interactive Agency put them at ease regarding their web-based projects.

While working with you on developing your interactive strategies, we'll do our best to talk plain English. However, even though we may hold back when we're in front of you, the acronyms really start flying when we crank up the servers and get to working on your technical design back in the war room.

With that in mind, please bear with us for a moment as we discuss our capabilities for those CTO's and tech-savvy executives reading this website.

To put it briefly, we will analyze each project independently based on its functional requirements and legacy environment (if any). After a thorough analysis, we will recommend a plan that best fits your unique needs and develop a solution that is customized for your specific application. When possible, we will leverage existing technologies or open source code for the sake of efficiencies and cost. And here's the best part: we honestly don't have an agenda to push you toward a particular platform or software solution. We will recommend a solution that BEST meets your needs and requirements, regardless if it's ASP.NET, PHP, MySQL, MS SQL, Flash, Perl, or many other protocols and customizable off-the-shelf products. We have the expertise in all these areas and will construct a solution that we feel is the best for you.

Whew. Enough for now? We'd be happy to kick into tech-speak whenever you want us to.