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Regardless of whether you need design services, search engine marketing expertise, or only back-end/database support, every project always includes some level of strategic interaction. Heck, some of our projects are ONLY strategic interaction.

The right strategy will make—or break—the success of your project. We look at business processes, communications and marketing plans, and corporate initiatives to provide strategic consulting and solutions for technology, e-marketing, and more.

Strategic planning starts by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your goals, audience, past and present interactive initiatives, and analysis of prior campaign performance. It's imperative that we understand every nuance of your target audience (be it internal or external) and develop as much insight as we can into their online behavior. We accomplish this by gathering all of the information we can from you and by delving into the wealth of data available to us through the latest media research tools.

In the end, our strategic insight will enable us to most effectively partner in your interactive processes.