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Increasingly, search engines look at link popularity of your site to determine the ranking and relevancy of your site to user searches. Some, like Google place a very heavy emphasis on links. Implementing an ongoing link building campaign is key in achieving and maintaining high rankings. Generic links, advertising links and “link farms” do not work -- the links must be from keyword relevant sources where the quantity, quality and length of time of the links existence are important SEO elements. Adding another layer of complexity is that linked pages must be visible by search engines, so the relevant pages on internal and external sites, blogs, on-line publications and other potential links sources must be searchable to offer any value. Link campaigns cannot be automated and require much research, commitment and above all a personal, hands-on approach involving many phone calls, relationship building and persuasion.

Argus Search Marketing develops and maintains a link building strategy that will improve your search ranking results. We leverage our experience and best practice methodology to identify and secure high value and high volume external links, build your affiliate link network, and work with your subsidiaries, divisions, vendor and the like to build search friendly links. We inventory and optimize all of the internal links on your site through carefully crafted link text tied to your target keywords and continually look for ways to improve the link popularity of your site.

Please contact us to discover how Argus Search Marketing can improve business performance and make the search engines talk about you over the other guys.

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