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The relevancy of content on your site to the search terms your target customers use is a major component for search engine rankings. The quality and quantity of your copy is the key. Copywriting that appeals to both search engines and people is a subtle, specialized skill that is often counter-intuitive to marketing doctrines. The volume of copy and the phrasing in headlines, subheadings and text needs to be relevant as well as being keyword rich, yet not seem repetitive or interrupt the readerís flow. Good optimized content maximizes keyword use, yet should be transparent to the average reader.

Also, synchronizing the content you display with the keyword expectations of an individual searcher can play a huge role in click-through rates. Landing on the right page with relevant and compelling messaging with simple, clear action steps increases the potential customerís trust that he or she is at the right place and can easily take action.

Argus Search Marketing will help you improve the quality and quantity of the content on your site to attract both search engines and new customers, and improve click-through rates. Our team will focus on page selection, aligning your target keywords with your copy by optimizing keyword relevancy, location, spacing, usage and density. Our services help you create copy that interests and compels the reader and maximizes your search exposure. Weíll work with you to identify and enhance landing pages best suited to individual keyword searches and simplify action steps to enrich the visitor experience and improved click-through rates.

Please contact us to discover how Argus Search Marketing can improve business performance and make the search engines talk about you over the other guys.

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