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Search is all about words -- the keywords and phrases your target customers are using to find information, products and services. Researching, testing, selecting and expanding the right terms for your business is a complex and ongoing task. Language and its use is dynamic.  What makes sense today can be completely irrelevant tomorrow. Location, demographics and cultural factors influence the words people use when searching for the same thing. When you add in slang, common misspellings, nicknames, buzzwords, acronyms, typos, negative terms, trademarks, brands, seasonality, new product launches, competitive (internal and external) factors, premiums associated with certain keywords, keyword/product profitability factors and all the possible iterations and combinations, you get an idea of some of the challenges associated with keyword management.

Argus Search Marketing organizes and makes sense of it all. We streamline the process through our proven best practices, the latest technology tools and years of human experience to create and manage a portfolio of the keywords and phrases that will result in increased site traffic and higher conversion rates for your business. We are constantly testing and analyzing keyword relevance and performance as part of our continual campaign optimization process.

Please contact us to discover how Argus Search Marketing can improve business performance and make the search engines talk about you over the other guys.

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