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"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it" is never as true as in search engine marketing. The ability to closely monitor campaign results and test and adjust campaigns is perhaps the most critical element of PPC campaign management. Without timely and accurate measurement, you are spending money blindly. Campaign tracking and reporting is the ability to know what to measure, how to track it, and what it all means to your business.

Sounds simple doesn't it? It's anything but.

Each of the major search engines provides search results and campaign management data differently. Plus, conversion definitions and tracking methodology is inherently problematic as it differs by client, industry and market, and the data is often located on different systems. Organizing it all and delivering meaningful metrics requires acute focus, intimate knowledge of search engine marketing, and technological prowess.    

Argus Search Marketing has extensive data gathering, analysis and reporting capabilities that enable us to continually monitor thousands of keywords and products simultaneously across multiple search engines. We leverage both proprietary and "best of breed" technologies to distill all the data into customized metrics specific to your business model to provide a clear picture of keyword performance and direct future improvements.

The key to maximizing ROI is keyword performance. Keyword performance can be defined differently depending on your business model but is most often linked to cost-per-click, conversion rate and marginal profitability. Our reporting capabilities allow us continually optimize your campaign to identify and rank keyword value based on actual results. We can quickly adjust media spending away from the low-performing/low profit keywords to the high-converting/ high profit keywords, as well as efficiently test and evaluate new keywords and new campaign strategies.

We're here to help

Whether you are just starting out or need assistance with your existing campaigns, the Argus Search Marketing team can help with PPC (SEM) strategies and solutions. Your optimized campaign will drive more traffic and offer better ROI through higher conversions and increased profit, while significantly reducing click costs and internal management overheads, freeing up your valuable time to focus on what you do best.

Please contact us to discover how Argus Search Marketing can improve business performance and make the search engines talk about you over the other guys.

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