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Pay-Per-Click Advertising
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Want to see immediate results of more traffic? Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising guarantees your website appears on the first page of results for every applicable keyword search on Google, Yahoo! and MSN. These sponsored ads are performance based -- the fees you pay are on a "per click" basis. To achieve the highest position, you bid against other advertisers for the same set of keywords or phrases. Careful planning and execution is necessary to manage budgets, optimize cost per click (CPC), and maximize site traffic and conversion rates.

Argus Search Marketing services offers end-to-end PPC management solutions to companies looking to outsource their PPC advertising campaigns. If you are new to search, we can provide expert guidance and help with the design, implementation and management of a comprehensive PPC strategy. If you are currently managing PPC campaigns, our team will conduct an extensive evaluation of your strategies and work with you to improve overall performance, reduce campaign management costs and explore new opportunities.

We focus on the key critical areas to success:

We're here to help

Whether you are just starting out or need assistance with your existing campaigns, the Argus Search Marketing team can help with PPC (SEM) strategies and solutions. Your optimized campaign will drive more traffic and offer better ROI through higher conversions and increased profit, while significantly reducing click costs and internal management overheads, freeing up your valuable time to focus on what you do best.

Please contact us to discover how Argus Search Marketing can improve business performance and make the search engines talk about you over the other guys .