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Google Analytics: Web Traffic Measurement

You can only improve what you can measure.

Google Analytics helps you measure what you would like to improve, (i.e., your website performance and resulting sales or leads). More than a web statistics program, Google Analytics reveals key performance indicators about your website and how visitors interact with it, enabling you to focus on marketing initiatives and website optimization that will increase bottom-line ROI.

With over 80 different reports available, you can observe your customers’ behavior when they hit your website, including how they found your site, the search terms they used to get there, how long they stayed, and what they looked at while they were there. It will even help identify potential problems with your website flow.

And all this for Free. (Yes, Google Analytics is Free to use!)

Google Analytics also gives you following insights into visitor traffic, for example:

  • Visitor Location: Tells you which state or city gives you the most sales or leads.
  • Average number of pages visited by a visitor.
  • Conversion Statistics: Conversion and ROI data for all your marketing campaigns (search, banner, email, etc.).
  • Navigational Analysis: Tells you where in the buying process the customer loses interest or drops off so you can focus on improving those pages.

How does Argus Interactive help you with Google Analytics?

Argus has helped many companies improve the design, content and sales process using Google Analytics. We are a “Google AdWords Qualified Company” and also use data from Google Analytics to improve the performance of search marketing campaigns across various search engines (including Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc.).

Google Analytics Implementation, Management and Consulting:
Our Analytics team will help you with:

  • Proper implementation of the Google Analytics platform across your website(s).
  • Defining goals, optimizing purchase paths and lead conversion funnels.
  • Website design, information architecture, e-commerce/shopping-cart integration and filter configuration.
  • Measuring various marketing programs (search, email, banner, etc.).
  • Detecting and understanding differing visitor segments.
  • Analyzing reporting data to solve website performance issues and increase ROI.
  • A/B testing and landing page optimization.
  • Ongoing user training, data analysis, site improvement suggestions and implementation and performance reporting
Use Google Analytics to Improve Natural and Paid Search
  • Integrated support for AdWords
  • Cross-channel conversion tracking can help with PPC providers that do not offer conversion tracking
  • Web traffic including exit point and drop off rates can be reviewed to isolate issues in conversion funnels
  • Referrer data can be used to increase the effectiveness of PPC campaigns by mining data for natural search terms
  • Natural search term data can indicate visitor interests and may indicate a need for more content in those interest areas
  • Mining site traffic origination points by regions can assist in targeting campaigns to specific geographic areas