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Ektron Gold Partner

Ektron is the developer and author of CMS400, the leading native .NET CMS. Argus Interactive Agency is proud to be a Ektron Certified Partner.

Written entirely in .NET, it allows Argus Interactive Agency to produce an application that inherits the award winning features of Ektron CMS400 in a highly optimized and performance tuned .NET application.

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Argus Interactive Agency has completed numerous Content Management Systems (CMS) implementations from the basic to the advanced. All CMS integrations have provided applications to our clients that allow business users to create, edit, delete and organize the content for their website.

Choosing the right CMS is an important and frequently challenging decision. Many different CMS software packages exist with a broad range of core features. Argus Interactive Agency can help you analyze your requirements to select the right CMS for your needs and budget.

While commercial and open source packages are prolific, each CMS vendor/author has a slightly different approach to usability and features that are needed to make their application a CMS.

Relationship Matters

Sometimes a successful project depends on the relationship between the client and the consultant; sometimes it depends on the relationship between the consultant and the third party vendor. Argus Interactive Agency believes in partnering with our clients and key industry leaders.

Wide Range of Features

Historically, content management systems were generally custom solutions developed for a client or internally to meet specific needs of a website. Over time, many of these systems were expanded and/or generalized to be able to work with more types of requirements.

Eventually, a general feature set was implemented that most systems provide regardless of their technology stack. Here is a general breakdown of features into broad categories. Keep in mind that many CMS applications offer some features from every section, but may lack some features that your site might need.

Features offered by most CMS:

  • What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) content creation
  • HTML code produced by admin tools/editor is xhtml compliant
  • built-in maintenance of navigation menus
  • built-in support for a library of various media that can be used in authoring content

Better CMS applications offer more robust capabilities:

  • Allows permission based control of content in admin and public site areas
  • Import typical office file formats
  • Ability to create, receive and report on CMS managed web forms
  • RSS Feeds to allow content syndication

Enterprise or Enhanced features are offered by top tier CMS:

  • Approval workflows for new and edited content
  • supports Search Engine Optimizations (SEO/PPC)
  • export data for use in spreadsheets
  • generate PDFs
  • image editing/manipulation
  • subscriptions and alerts on content additions/updates
  • website analytics and reporting

CMS Customizations

When needed for project requirements, Argus Interactive Agency has the experience and skill to extend, customize and enhance core functionality in popular CMS packages.

Integration of Existing Applications

In many organizations, various existing systems may need to provide data to a CMS managed web application. Integration of existing systems into a CMS project can be challenging since it may require modifications to core functionality. Argus Interactive Agency has worked with many companies to design the best integration solution between their CMS managed website and their existing internal systems.