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The only constant on the Internet is change. In this dynamic market, it is important to work with an agency that has a proven development framework. The rewards are reduced time-to-market and efficient project delivery, which are critical elements in the successful completion of any Internet project.

Our production methodology is a living process designed to deliver powerful solutions today while continuously reacting to shifts in business and technology environments.

The Discovery Phase is a three-step process, conducted to develop a clear direction, well-defined Scope of Work, and a basic "blueprint" that drives the Production phase of each project. The Discovery phase not only ensures that your requests are being met, but also confirms that the end-user's needs are being addressed. This is also when key features are considered and new opportunities identified. It's important to make these distinctions and solidify the Scope of Work prior to moving into the Production phase. In most cases, a "Strategic Recommendation" is the final deliverable of this phase.

In a few cases this is the extent of the work we do for clients. If you have an in-house team that can build everything, go for it. We'll still be of use to you as you define your goals and build a roadmap to get there. But if you can't go it alone...

The Production Phase includes creating, branding, and effectively integrating your project that was defined during the Discovery phase. Using the Strategic Recommendation as a roadmap, three main activities occur during the Production phase: Design, Develop, and Deploy. With an end deliverable of a complete website or software product, this process involves great detail, so effective project management is vital. (Fortunately we're great at that.)